Manage your child's phone directly from your device

Limit usage time, easily monitor daily activities

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Free Installation

Parents can download Kids247 for free on Android, iOS, Windows, Mac devices.

Unlimited Devices

Parents can manage unlimited devices with Kids247.

Safe and Secure

Your child's device will be safer with parental management via Kids247.

Daily Usage Time Limit

Set device usage limits with Kids247 to ensure adherence to family rules. When the time is up, the device will automatically lock.

Easily Lock Devices Anywhere

Kids247 allows parents to completely lock their child's device simply and quickly, anytime and anywhere, with just one switch on their phone.

Customize Usage Schedules

Kids247 allows you to set custom schedules for periodic lock or access to apps to suit your child's needs.

And other features to make managing your child's phone easy

Reward Time

Parents can set tasks or chores for their child with rewards of extra usage time. This helps encourage your child to complete tasks and manage screen time appropriately.

Manage Multiple Devices Simultaneously

Kids247 allows parents to manage multiple devices, including different types (iPhone/iPad, Android, Mac, Windows), simultaneously from their own device.

Daily Usage Statistics

Kids247's monitoring feature allows parents to view browsing history, watched videos, total screen time, and more.